Crops Are In!

When we spread the manure and sprinkled the seed and covered it with straw I thought we were growing grass.

I was wrong.

In DoG We Trust


Haiku from DOGKU


Basketful of toys.
Why can’t the puppy resist
lure of underwear?


In DOG We Trust

Rockin Spotsy

JC Superstar rockin Spotsy
as it rocked Orlando
as it rocked Pacific Grove
as it rocked Boca Raton
all the Holy Weeks of my life


It is not all bunnies and Peeps
it was Sunrise Services
and Easter parades
and gingerbread eggs
and Easter egg hunts

My parents gave us some pretty cool traditions

JC Superstar is one of them

Hosanna Hey Sanna!


In DoG We Trust

Bad Poetry on a Rainy Day

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Mudsylvania, that’s OK
In the house we gotta stay
Tomorrow we’ll go out and play
When the rain has gone away!

In DoG We Trust

It’s My Birthday, I Can Cry If I Want To

Gonna shed a few tears today. One of my best friends is sending her beloved old dog to the Rainbow Bridge. The greatest gift she will ever give is the gift of no more pain – of eternal youth.

I have several friends struggling with the decision for their dogs too.

I watch my dear old man every day and ask for the wisdom to choose his time if he does not choose it for us.

Duffy, hanging in there with Hemangiosarcoma

Duffy, hanging in there with Hemangiosarcoma

…and so I re-post this prayer for those who are loving an old dog and struggling with making the decision, or who have already made it.

Lord grant me the patience to love my senior dog.
Remind me that peepee happens, as does that other stuff.
Remind me that senility takes many forms:
sometimes grouchiness
sometimes forgetfulness.

Lord Grant me the wisdom and courage to let him go
when his time has come.
Remind me this is an unselfish act and that there
is no room for selfishness when you love an old dog.

And if you should see fit, Lord,
to have him just not wake up one morning,
I am ok with that, the final gift he gives to me
after a lifetime of love – a gentle passing

In DoG We Trust

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Photo inspired Diane and me to haiku as often life does! The result has been several fun books as well as this blog post!

So serene, the moon
peaking through boughs laden with
buds about to burst.
Diane Grindol


Sky blue moon peeks through.
Leaves may soon obscure the view.
Beauty fills my world.
Ginny Tata-Phillps

In DoG We Trust

No Problema!

Epic Fail

Epic Fail

Much mas better!

Much mas better!

Sometimes you just gotta say NO to overpriced, not what you ordered work and go with more reasonable, non-native English speaking folk who understand what you want when you say ‘privacy hedge’. ‘No problema’ is what I heard with every request from this crew from El Salvador. They have been the salvation of this fence line and got the job to do the rest of the yard too.

Stand by for the finished result this weekend!!!



In DoG We Trust.