A Rant in More Than 17 Syllables

Throwback Thursday – going to this same vet with a different dog today!  Hope there are no whippersnappers there today!


11900030_1013800111972648_359002511022294043_n (540x960)

I earned this grey hair.

 You whippersnappers need to

teach somebody else!

For those of you who only want 17 syllables from me – stop reading after the haiku! Woops!  Too late!  You read more so now you must suffer the whole rant.

Yesterday a vet tech less than half my age tried to teach me how to clean my dog’s ears. One of 6 dogs, a 7 year old dog I have had  since he was 12 weeks old.  One of the dozens of dogs whose ears I have cleaned since LONG BEFORE SHE WAS BORN.  And those are only dogs who have owned me – if you count the HUNDREDS of dogs whose ears I cleaned every month of the 10 years I owned my own Pet Spa……but I certainly cannot count that high, I don’t know about you.   I said, sure, show me, rather than ARE YOU…

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Woops He’s Done It Again!

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My father’s latest!!!  Now available from:





In DoG We Trust

See No Evil

For Throwback Thursday – a haiku and my furkid who is at the Rainbow Bridge.


Hannah Lee Hears No Evil!

Had I ears like these

I would carry my sleep mask

everywhere I went!


In DoG We Trust.

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